Nu3guts offers a portfolio of solutions for improved performance, animal health and welfare.

Nu3guts’ founding partners have 25 years know-how in biotechnology and animal nutrition.

Starting from its basis in Belgium, Europe – with a rich history in biotechnology, fermentation and other future friendly technologies – Nu3guts has expertise in screening, formulating and selling innovative feed additives across the globe.

As a scientific and technically driven company, Nu3guts markets an innovative and creative set of bio-based feed additives. The product range comprises gut health promoting enzymes, toxin binders, acidifiers and yeast derivates to optimize animal production and economic return.

Nu3guts has partnerships with leading biotechnology companies and has established expert alliances in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle-East and China to provide a global portfolio of quality solutions, optimized to meet customers’ specific needs. Biotechnology lies at the heart of affordable and quality products of tomorrow to meet the increasing demand for proteins and feed the global population.

With a passion for feed additives, Nu3guts is looking for sustainable growth.